“The goal of early childhood education should be to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori

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No freedom to play or explore outside for children

No freedom to play or explore outside for children

Today’s children spend a fraction of their free time outdoors – what a pity, says Patrick Barkham


Why We Montessori

Why We Montessori

A lovely blog post on Montessori

Montessori, for me, has a lot to do with the unmeasurable, the intangible and invaluable. The life-long love of learning and discovery, the self awareness, the self-confidence, the ability to contribute, be heard, question and challenge things and make mistakes. It’s about working with (not against) the individual child and keeping their childhood.


What You Need to Know About Montessori and Play

What You Need to Know About Montessori and Play

A wonderful article on the importance of play in early child education.

“The academic world sees us (Montessori) as didactic rather than play oriented.”

Which is simply not true as Ayer states “Montessori has many of the elements identified as part of playful learning (to wit, structure, objects, interactive lessons, free choice, peer interactions, intrinsic rewards, and fun).” but what we don’t do is “pretend play, such as dress-up, toy kitchens, and fantasy.” 

Montessori play is play with a purpose which is real and purposeful! It respects the child and follows the child’s interest.

Have a look at this article for more information on Montessori and play.